Heart of the Assassin: A Novel Assassin Trilogy Book 3

Scribner #ad - It is into this deadly wasteland that rakkim must secretly travel and retrieve the icon if he is to defeat Gravenholtz, Baby, and the Old One, and have even a chance to unite the two halves of America. His solution is to reunite the islamic republic and the Bible Belt his way, Baby, and his plan involves his voluptuous but deadly daughter, and none other than Rakkim himself.

Now more than one hundred and fifty years old, he is dying and unhappily knows it. Meanwhile, there is a rumor of a discovery of a sacred relic in the contaminated ruins of Washington, D. C. A radiation zone peopled by diseased zombies and daring treasure hunters. Time is also running out for epps's archenemy, the sly, the Old One, immensely rich Muslim fanatic who seeks to create one world under his domination.

Heart of the Assassin: A Novel Assassin Trilogy Book 3 #ad - A stunning stand-alone read, brilliant plotting, Heart of the Assassin is a feast of cinematic violence, and futuristic scene-setting. Riven by intellectual and social decay, both the Islamic Republic and the Belt are at the brink of collapse. And there's only one man who can do it: Rakkim Epps, genetically enhanced shadow warrior and hero of the two previous books in Robert Ferrigno's astonishing Assassin Trilogy.

The old one is aided by his sadistic, carbon-skinned enforcer, Gravenholtz, whom Rakkim failed to kill in an earlier encounter and who now wishes to kill Rakkim and those he loves. Time is running out for the islamic republic and the Bible Belt, the two warring nations that arose when the former United States split apart after an economic collapse left tens of millions unemployed and desperate for leadership.


Sins of the Assassin: A Novel Assassin Trilogy Book 2

Scribner #ad - New york and Washington, D. C. Have been leveled by nuclear bombs. When rakkim and leo finally reach the Colonel's mountain, Epps is forced to rely on his shadow warrior's ability to kill any and all who would halt his quest. What stability exists between the warring empires is threatened when the president of the Islamic Republic discovers that a Bible Belt warlord, known simply as the Colonel, is searching for a superweapon hidden inside a remote mountain decades earlier by the old United States regime.

To the west stretches the islamic republic, repressive Black Robes, seemingly governed by a moderate president but hollowed from within by the violent, a shadowy fundamentalist group intent on crushing all those who do not follow Allah's path. In this frightening world, exiled, and non-Muslims are either second-class citizens, hidden underground, freedom is controlled by the state, or executed.

Sins of the Assassin: A Novel Assassin Trilogy Book 2 #ad - Rakkim epps, controlled, he realizes, must be stopped, or killed. Accompanying rakkim is Leo, a naive nineteen-year-old whose technologically enhanced brain is crucial to their success. Together they sneak through the Belt, a lawless territory where a bloodthirsty, drug-addled militia prepares for the End-Times.

To the east and south lies the Christian Bible Belt, itself torn by conflict from warring factions, each claiming to be more righteous than the others. A terrific stand-alone read, sins of the Assassin is a cinematic feast of action and plot, and verifies Robert Ferrigno's Assassin Trilogy as a monumental imaginative work of suspense.

The united states no longer exists, and in its place two new nations maintain an uneasy coexistence.


Prayers for the Assassin: A Novel Assassin Trilogy Book 1

Scribner #ad - 2040: new york and Washington, DC are nuclear wastelands. Everything is controlled by the state, paranoia rules, and rebels plot to regain free will. If this information is true, it will destabilize the nation. In this “provocative and compelling” the seattle times thriller set in the future, Islamic and Christian forces battle for the fate of the United States as a young historian discovers the shocking truth about the devastating nuclear attacks that plunged the world into chaos.

Countless other cities are simply abandoned. But when sarah suddenly goes missing, the security chief of the Islamic republic calls upon Rakkim Epps, her lover and a former elite warrior, to find her—no matter the risk. An uneasy truce leaves the nation divided between an Islamic republic with its capital in Seattle and the Christian Bible Belt in the old South.

Chicago is the site of a civil war battle. One of the most courageous is the young historian Sarah Dougan, who uncovers evidence that the nuclear attacks might not have been planned by Israel. To survive, rakkim must become darwin’s assassin in a bloody, nerve-racking chase that takes them through the looking-glass world of the Islamic States of America, and culminates dramatically as Rakkim and Sarah battle to expose the truth to the entire world.

Prayers for the Assassin: A Novel Assassin Trilogy Book 1 #ad - But as rakkim searches for sarah, he is tracked by Darwin, a brilliant psychopathic killer trained in the same secretive unit as Rakkim. Sharp and wildly entertaining cover to cover” Chicago Sun-Times, Prayers for the Assassin is an unputdownable political thriller that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

After simultaneous nuke attacks had destroyed several major cities, Israel had been blamed, resulting in a devastating second civil war in the United States.


The Wake-Up

Vintage Crime/Black Lizard #ad - When frank thorpe, sees a hard-charging art dealer knock down a Latino child in LAX airport, a deeply moral former undercover operative, he decides to teach him a lesson. The wake-up is an absolutely irresistible, outrageously comic thriller that starts off with a bang and never lets up until the end.  .

But thorpe's plans get a little out of hand, and thorpe becomes immersed in a criminal underworld peopled by a drug dealing surfer with a socially-climbing wife, two mentally challenged goons with a penchant for violence, and a vicious Romanian named Vlad.


Game of Snipers Bob Lee Swagger

G.P. Putnam's Sons #ad - National bestseller"bob lee swagger is a true American literary icon. Mark greaney, new york times bestselling author of Mission CriticalIn this blazing new thriller from Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter, master sniper Bob Lee Swagger takes on his biggest job to date. And confronts an assassin with skills that match his own.

. When bob lee swagger is approached by a woman who lost a son to war and has spent the years since risking all that she has to find the sniper who pulled the trigger, he knows right away he'll do everything in his power to help her. But what begins as a favor becomes an obsession, teaming up with the Mossad, the FBI, and soon Swagger is back in the action, and local American law enforcement as he tracks a sniper who is his own equal.

Game of Snipers Bob Lee Swagger #ad - . And attempts to decipher that assassin's ultimate target before it's too late. With all-too-real threats and a twisty, masterful storytelling, Game of Snipers is another gripping addition to a bestselling Bob Lee Swagger series.


I, Sniper: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 6

Simon & Schuster #ad - Recruited by the fbi to examine the data, retired marine sharpshooter Bob Lee Swagger penetrates the new technology of the secretive sniper world to unravel a sophisticated conspiracy run by his most ruthless adversary yet—a marksman whose keen intellect and pinpoint accuracy rival his own. But when the enemy and his deadly henchmen mistake Bob for the hunted, it’s clear that some situations call for a good man with a gun…and the guts to use it.

Even his suicide. All the evidence—timeline, motive, ballistics, means, forensics, and opportunity—points to Marine war hero Carl Hitchcock. The case is almost too perfect. The explosive new york times bestseller by stephen Hunter that sends ex-Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger into the thick of an FBI investigation and features some of the greatest gunfights ever to grace the page.

I, Sniper: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 6 #ad - It takes a seasoned killer… Four famed ‘60s radicals are gunned down at long range by a sniper. To hunt one.


Point of Impact Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 1

Bantam #ad - A distrubing mix that plays on our sense of history while at the same time it appeals to our darkest fantasies of rough justice. Chicago tribune the inspiration for the USA Network series Shooter He was one the best Marine snipers in Vietnam. Now bob lee swagger is on the run, using his lethal skills once more—but this time to track down the men who set him up and to break a dark conspiracy aimed at the very heart of America.

. Today, disgruntled hero of an unheroic war, twenty years later, all Bob Lee Swagger wants to be left alone and to leave the killing behind. A harsh, visceral, novel of conspiracy and betrayal. But with consummate psychological skill, a shadowy military organization seduces Bob into leaving his beloved Arkansas hills for one last mission for his country, unaware until too late that the game is rigged.

Point of Impact Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 1 #ad - The assassination plot is executed to perfection—until Bob Lee Swagger, alleged lone gunman, the target of a nationwide manhunt, comes out of the operation alive, his only allies a woman he just met and a discredited FBI agent.


Time to Hunt Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 3

Island Books #ad - It's not going to happen. Stephen hunter's epic national bestsellers, introduced millions of readers to Bob Lee Swagger, called “Bob the Nailer, Point of Impact and Black Light, ” a heroic but flawed Vietnam War veteran forced twice to use his skills as a master sniper to defend his life and his honor.

Now, in his grandest, most intensely thrilling adventure yet, Bob the Nailer must face his deadliest foe from Vietnam—and his own demons—to save his wife and daughter. During the latter days of the vietnam war, a young idealistic Marine named Donny Fenn was cut down by a sniper's bullet as he set out on patrol with Swagger, deep in-country, who himself received a grievous wound.

Years later swagger married donny's widow, Julie, and together they raise their daughter, Nikki, on a ranch in the isolated Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. Although he struggles with the painful legacy of Vietnam, Swagger's greatest wish—to leave his violent past behind and live quietly with his family—seems to have come true.

Then one idyllic day, a man, a woman, and a girl set out from the ranch on horseback. High on a ridge above a mountain pass, cold-eyed shooter, a calm, one of the world's greatest marksmen, a thousand yards distant, peers through a telescopic sight at the three approaching figures. Out of his tortured past, a mortal enemy has once again found Bob the Nailer.

Time to Hunt Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 3 #ad - Time to hunt proves anew why so many consider Stephen Hunter to be our best living thriller writer. With a plot that sweeps from the killing fields of vietnam to the corridors of power in Washington to the shadowy plots of the new world order, Hunter delivers all the complex, for Bob Lee Swagger, stay-up-all-night action his fans demand in a masterful tale of family heartbreak and international intrigue—and shows why, it's once again time to hunt.


The Girl Who Cried Wolf

#ad - Her boyfriend, remy faked her own kidnapping, left for dead by the kidnappers, can't get the FBI interested because at age 16, and ran off with the pool boy. A tightly-wound L. A. He lives in the pacific Northwest with his family, working in the videogames industry and writing novels. The kidnappers should be worried about him.

. Remy wakes up in the middle of a national forest, resting on a platform strung between the branches of a gigantic cedar tree. He balances the tough doings with a strong sense of moral outrage and compassion. Los angeles times Book Review"An awesomely good writer. Elmore leonard"I never miss a book by Robert Ferrigno.

Michael connellyabout the author: A former college professor, professional poker player and newspaper reporter, Robert Ferrigno is the author of thirteen thrillers. He would like to lose twenty pounds and find a near-mint copy of Space Western #2 at a garage sale. Ferrigno can make you afraid, he can make you laugh, and he can make you keep turning the pages.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf #ad - The washington post book World"Ferrigno has a gift for creating confrontations of high impact and his dialogue bites hard. A new york times best-seller, by the mystery writers of america, Best Novel, his work has been nominated for an Edgar award, and awarded a Silver Dagger for Best Short Story by the Crime Writers Association of Great Britain.


Black Light Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 2

Island Books #ad - The killing had just begun. Hunter knows his guns, and he writes about them with a precision that holds the attention of even a fervent anti-gun supporter. The orlando sentinel“One of the most skilled hands in the thriller business. On a remote arizona ranch, a man who has known loss, fear, and war weeps for the first time since he was a child.

His tears are for the father taken from him four decades before in a deadly shoot-out. And his grief will lead him back to the place where he was born, where his father died, and where a brutal conspiracy is about to explode. For bob lee swagger, arkansas, the world changed on that hot day in Blue Eye, when two local boys rode armed and wild in a '55 Fairlane convertible.

Black Light Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 2 #ad - Only one thing stands between a son and his father's killer: forty years of lies. The plot is fast-paced, well-constructed and builds to a pulse-pounding night ambush. Weaving together characters from his national bestsellers Point of Impact and Dirty White Boys, Stephen Hunter's gripping thriller builds to an exhilarating climax—and an explosion of gunfire that blasts open the secrets of two generations.

Praise for black light “put on your seat belt—Black Light is a wild ride you won't forget. The chicago tribune“nobody writes action better than Stephen Hunter and Black Light is one of his best.


Night of Thunder: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Series Book 5

Simon & Schuster #ad - New york times bestselling author stephen Hunter sends former Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger deep into the heart of NASCAR country in this action-packed thriller. Talk about a ride! woe unto he who crosses Bob Lee Swagger, especially when his daughter’s life is at stake. A triumph of story, character, and style, Night of Thunder is Stephen Hunter at his very best.

. A master at the top of his game, Hunter provides a host of thrilling new reasons to read as fast as we can. And—in the form of brother richard, a self-decreed “Sinnerman” out of the old fire-and-brimstone tradition—Hunter offers up his most diabolical, engaging villain yet. It’s what you call your big-time bad career move.

When swagger picks up peeling where his daughter left off, and his swift sword of justice is let loose, we find a true American hero in his most stunning action to date. All of it is set against the backdrop of excitement and insanity that only a weeklong NASCAR event can bring to the backwoods of a town as seemingly sleepy as Bristol, Tennessee.

Night of Thunder: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Series Book 5 #ad - An ancient, gunmen of all stripes and shapes, a possibly corrupt law enforcement structure, violent crime clan, and deranged evangelicals rear their ugly heads and will live to rue the day they targeted the wrong man’s daughter. Forced off the road and into a crash that leaves her in a coma, reporter Nikki Swagger had begun to peel back the onion of a Southern-fried-conspiracy bubbling with all the angst, clinging to life, resentment, and dysfunction that Dixie gangsters can muster.