Music and Politics

Polity - This book brings together an array of ideas about music’s political significance and new empirical data to tell a story of the extraordinary potency of music across time and space. Polity Press. At the heart of the book lies the argument that music and politics are inseparably linked, and that each animates the other.

Governing With the News, Second Edition: The News Media as a Political Institution Studies in Communication, Media, and Public Opinion

University of Chicago Press - . Provocative and often wise. This updated edition includes a new afterword by the author, which pays close attention to two key developments in the twenty-first century: the accelerating fragmentation of the mass media and the continuing decline of Americans' confidence in the press. In governing with the News, Timothy E.

Cook, who has a complex understanding of the relationship between governing and the news, provides a fascinating account of the origins of this complicity. James bennet, washington monthly "Governing with the News addresses central issues of media impact and power in fresh, illuminating ways. The ideal of a neutral, objective press has proven in recent years to be just that—an ideal.

Governing With the News, Second Edition: The News Media as a Political Institution Studies in Communication, Media, and Public Opinion - Cook mines a wealth of historical and organizational literature to assert that the news media are a distinct political institution in our democratic system. Robert schmuhl, Commonweal. Cook goes far beyond the single claim that the press is not impartial to argue that the news media are in fact a political institution integral to the day-to-day operations of our government.

On Photography

Picador - Winner of the national Book Critics' Circle Award for Criticism. One of the most highly regarded books of its kind, On Photography first appeared in 1977 and is described by its author as "a progress of essays about the meaning and career of photographs. It begins with the famous "in plato's cave"essay, then offers five other prose meditations on this topic, and concludes with a fascinating and far-reaching "Brief Anthology of Quotations.

Picador USA.

Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man

The MIT Press - In effect, media now begs to be redefined. Terms and phrases such as "the global village" and "the medium is the message" are now part of the lexicon, and McLuhan's theories continue to challenge our sensibilities and our assumptions about how and what we communicate. This reissue of understanding media marks the thirtieth anniversary 1964-1994 of Marshall McLuhan's classic expose on the state of the then emerging phenomenon of mass media.

In a new introduction to this edition of understanding Media, Harper's editor Lewis Lapham reevaluates McLuhan's work in the light of the technological as well as the political and social changes that have occurred in the last part of this century. Lapham. Picador USA. Terms and phrases such as "the global village" and "the medium is the message" are now part of the lexicon, and McLuhan's theories continue to challenge our sensibilities and our assumptions about how and what we communicate.

Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man - There has been a notable resurgence of interest in mcluhan's work in the last few years, the appearance of magazines such as WiRed, fueled by the recent and continuing conjunctions between the cable companies and the regional phone companies, and the development of new media models and information ecologies, many of which were spawned from MIT's Media Lab.

Introduction by Lewis H.

Memory and popular film Inside Popular Film MUP

Manchester University Press - Provides a sustained, interdisciplinary perspective on memory and film from early cinema to the present, drawing from film studies, American studies and cultural studies. Used book in Good Condition. Considers such well known films as Forrest Gump, Pleasantville, and Jackie Brown. Picador USA. Adopts a resolutely cultural perspective and unlike psychoanalytic or formalist approaches to memory, explores questions of culture, power and identity.

Introduction by Lewis H. Contributes to the growing debate about the status and function of the past in cultural life and discourse, discussing issues of memory in film, and of film as memory. Lapham. One of the first books to put memory at the centre of analysis when exploring the relationship between film culture and the past.

The Birth of Tragedy and The Case of Wagner

Vintage - Its youthful faults were exposed by Nietzsche in the brilliant "Attempt at a Self-Criticism" which he added to the new edition of 1886. Introduction by Lewis H. Picador USA. Used book in Good Condition. Lapham. Professor kaufmann has also furnished running footnote commentaries, relevant passages from Nietzsche's correspondence, and, for the first time in any edition, a bibliography, an extensive index to each book.

Two representative and important works in one volume by one of the greatest German philosophers. The birth of tragedy 1872 was Nietzsche's first book. It exploded the conception of greek culture that was prevalent down through the Victorian era, and it sounded themes developed in the twentieth century by classicists, psychoanalysts, existentialists, and others.

The Birth of Tragedy and The Case of Wagner - The case of wagner 1888 was one Nietzsche's last books, and his wittiest. The distinguished translations by Walter Kaufmann superbly reflect in English Nietzsche's idiom and the vitality of his style. But the book, whatever its excesses, remains one of the most relevant statements on tragedy ever penned. In attitude and style it is diametrically opposed to The Birth of Tragedy.

Both works transcend their ostensible subjects and deal with art and culture, as well as the problems of the modern age generally. Each book in itself gives us an inadequate idea of its author; together, they furnish a striking image of Nietzsche's thought.

On the Origin of Language

University of Chicago Press - Rousseau's essay is important to semiotics and critical theory, as it plays a central role in Jacques Derrida's book Of Grammatology, and both essays are valuable historical and philosophical documents. Introduction by Lewis H. This volume combines rousseau's essay on the origin of diverse languages with Herder's essay on the genesis of the faculty of speech.

Used book in Good Condition. Lapham. Picador USA.

Acting in Concert: Music, Community, and Political Action

Rutgers University Press - Used book in Good Condition. Introduction by Lewis H. Picador USA. Lapham. Through three detailed case studies of chilean, cajun, and American Indian popular music, Mattern explores the way popular muisicians forge community and lead members of their communities in several distinct kinds of political action that would be difficult or impossible among individuals who are not linked by communal ties.

More than just entertainment, mattern argues that popular music can serve as a social glue for bringing together a multitude of voices that might otherwise remain silent, and that political action through music can increase the potential for relatively marginalized people to choose and determine their own fate.

Acting in Concert: Music, Community, and Political Action - In this lively account of politics and popular music, Mark Mattern develops the concept of "acting in concert, " a metaphor for community-based political action through music. Used book in Good Condition.

Hip-Hop Revolution: The Culture and Politics of Rap Cultureamerica

University Press of Kansas - G. Used book in Good Condition. By cutting to the bone of a lifestyle that many outsiders find threatening, Ogbar makes hip-hop realer than it's ever been before. Lapham. Introduction by Lewis H. Picador USA. Ranging across the rap spectrum from the conscious hip-hop of mos def to the gangsta rap of 50 Cent to the "underground" sounds of Jurassic 5 and the Roots, he tracks the ongoing quest for a unique and credible voice to show how complex, contested, and malleable these codes of authenticity are.

He especially explores the lyrical world of rap as artists struggle to define what realness means in an art where class, race, and gender are central to expressions of authenticity-and how this realness is articulated in a society dominated by gendered and racialized stereotypes. Ogbar also explores problematic black images, including minstrelsy, hip-hop's social milieu, and the artists' own historical and political awareness.

Hip-Hop Revolution: The Culture and Politics of Rap Cultureamerica - Hip-hop revolution is a balanced cultural history that looks past negative stereotypes of hip-hop as a monolith of hedonistic, unthinking noise to reveal its evolving positive role within American society. A writer who's personally encountered many of hip-hop's icons, Ogbar traces hip-hop's rise as a cultural juggernaut, focusing on how it negotiates its own sense of identity.

. In the world of hip-hop, "keeping it real" has always been a primary goal—and realness takes on special meaning as rappers mold their images for street cred and increasingly measure authenticity by ghetto-centric notions of "Who's badder?"In this groundbreaking book, Jeffrey O. Ogbar celebrates hip-hop and confronts the cult of authenticity that defines its essential character—that dictates how performers walk, talk, and express themselves artistically and also influences the consumer market.

From Art to Politics: How Artistic Creations Shape Political Conceptions

University of Chicago Press - Murray edelman holds a unique and distinguished position in American political science. Edelman believes art provides us with models, scenarios, and images we draw upon in order to make sense of political events, narratives, and he explores the different ways art can shape political perceptions and actions to both promote and inhibit diversity and democracy.

Used book in Good Condition. He argues that political ideas, television, and actions cannot help but be based upon the images and narratives we take from literature, film, language, paintings, and other genres. For decades one of the few serious scholars to question dominant rational-choice interpretations of politics, spectacles, Edelman looked instead to the powerful influence of signs, and symbols—of culture—on political behavior and political institutions.

From Art to Politics: How Artistic Creations Shape Political Conceptions - Elegantly written. His first, the symbolic uses of politics, communication studies, book, created paths of inquiry in political science, now classic, and sociology that are still being explored today. In this book, edelman continues his quest to understand the influence of perception on the political process by turning to the role of art.

He brilliantly contends that art helps create the images from which opinion-molders and citizens construct the social realities of politics. Choice "it is perhaps the freshness with which he puts his case that is what makes From Art to Politics, as well as his other works, so challenging and invigorating.

Philip abbott, Review of Politics Picador USA.

Music and Social Movements: Mobilizing Traditions in the Twentieth Century Cambridge Cultural Social Studies

Cambridge University Press - Lapham. Used book in Good Condition. Building on their studies of the sixties culture and the theory of cognitive praxis, the authors examine the mobilization of cultural traditions and the formation of new collective identities through the music of activism. Specific chapters examine american folk and country music, black music, music of the sixties, and the transfer of the American experience to Europe.

This highly readable book is among the first to link social movement and cultural theory. Introduction by Lewis H. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Picador USA. Music and song are central to modern culture--social movements to cultural change.