Precision Machining Technology

Cengage Learning - The text is completely aligned with the national Institute of Metalworking Skills NIMS Machining Level I Standard and fully supports the achievement of NIMS credentials. The carefully created resources include: powerpoint chapter presentations with selected images, an Answer Key for both the Textbook and Workbook, an Image Library containing images from the book, and a NIMS Duties and Standards Correlation Grid.

Now fully integrated with mindTap--an online, highly personalized learning resource--it provides learners with the most interactive and engaging experience available. Time-saving instructor resources are available at the Instructor Companion Site for the text. A companion workbook/shop manual provides helpful review material to ensure readers have mastered key concepts while guided practice operations and projects on a wide range of machine tools will enhance their NIMS credentialing success.

Precision Machining Technology - The text continues to provide an emphasis on safety throughout and offers thorough coverage of such topics as the basics of hand tools, layout operations, benchwork, job planning, drill press, milling and grinding processes, and CNC. Cengage Learning. It also carries nims' exclusive endorsement and recommendation for use in NIMS-accredited Machining Programs.

Mindtap Sold separately. Packed with detailed examples and illustrations, precision machinING TECHNOLOGY, 2e delivers the ideal introduction to today's machine tool industry, equipping readers with a solid understanding of fundamental and intermediate machining skills.

Workbook and Projects Manual for Hoffman/Hopewell/Janes' Precision Machining Technology, 2nd

Delmar Cengage Learning - Included within this resource are chapter objective questions; key-term definition queries; and multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true-or-false problems. The workbook is design to help you retain key chapter content.

Mathematics for Machine Technology

Cengage Learning - Reflecting the latest technology and tools of the trade, mathematics fOR MACHINE TECHNOLOGY, 7e provides the mathematical skills and practice that students and apprentices will use on the job in the machine trades and manufacturing fields. The new seventh edition also includes all-new units on electronic calipers, height gages, and electronic micrometers, as well as thorough coverage of measuring in both metric and customary systems.

. This comprehensive book combines math concepts with relevant machine applications through industry-specific examples, realistic illustrations, and actual machine applications. Problems and examples progress from simpler to more complex, from general math to trigonometry and solid geometry, and relate directly to how the math is used in machine trades and manufacturing fields.

Mathematics for Machine Technology - Cengage Learning.

Machine Trades Print Reading

Goodheart-Willcox - Machine  trades print reading further explains details common to industrial prints and provides an intrroduction to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Machine trades print reading, a combination text and write-in workbook designed to help you develop the skills required to visualize and interpret industrial prints.

The text begins with an overview of the role of prints in the design and manufacturing process and then teaches the fundamentals of visualizing shapes, line usage, title blocks and notes, math measurement, dimensions, and toldeances. The final unit contains comprehensive review activities. Throughout the text, real industrial prints have been included to provide valuable hands-on learning opportunities.

Machine Trades Print Reading - Cengage Learning.

Interpreting Engineering Drawings

Cengage Learning - Cengage Learning. Interpreting engineering drawings, 8th edition offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art training that shows readers how to create professional-quality engineering drawings that can be interpreted with precision in today's technology-based industries. All material is developed around the latest ASME drawing standards, helping readers keep pace with the dynamic changes in the field of engineering graphics.

Cengage Learning. This flexible, user-friendly textbook offers unsurpassed coverage of the theory and practical applications that you'll need as readers communicate technical concepts in an international marketplace.

Blueprint Reading for the Machine Trades

Pearson - Cengage Learning. This edition reflects the latest industry standards, including ASME Y14. 5-2009 and can3-B78. 1-m83. This practical workbook systematically teaches the crucial skills that manufacturing trades students need to accurately read and correctly interpret blueprints. Students master each new concept through immediate hands-on problem-solving.

The book has proven itself in both classroom and industrial settings, and has also been widely used for self-teaching. No prior blueprint reading knowledge is required, and no materials are required beyond a pencil and eraser. Cengage Learning. Blueprint reading for machine trades, 7/e  begins with the absolute basics, then progresses to visualization, and finally, to multiview drawings.

Blueprint Reading for the Machine Trades - Diverse questions are provided to stimulate interest, multiple choice, including short answer, true/false, and sketching.

Print Reading for Industry

Goodheart-Willcox - Print reading for industry is a combination text and write-in workbook designed to assist students in reading and understanding industrial prints. It presents a thorough discussion of print reading techniques, providing the necessary information and guidance to read the “language of industry. Print reading for Industry includes authentic industrial prints for hands-on learning.

This text starts with the basics of print reading and progresses to advanced topics. Cengage Learning. Bonus print reading exercises related to the oversized prints in the Large Prints Packet provide additional real-life print reading experiences. Cengage Learning. Supplement Booklet 10 large prints.

Machinery's Handbook, Toolbox Edition

Industrial Press, Inc. - Recently added information on sheet metal and presses, statistics, miniature screws, shaft alignment, fluid mechanics,   calculating hole coordinates and thread dimensions, metric screw threads, taps and tapping, solid geometry,  helical coil screw thread inserts, keys and keyways, and distinguishing between bolts and screws.

Supplement Booklet 10 large prints. Cengage Learning. Updated standards. Hundreds of new and thousands of refined and redone illustrations and equations. For more than 100 years,  machinery's handbook has been the most popular reference work in metalworking, engineering and manufacturing facilities, design, and technical schools and colleges throughout the world.

Machinery's Handbook, Toolbox Edition - It is universally acknowledged as an extraordinarily authoritative, comprehensive, and practical tool, providing its users with the most fundamental and essential aspects of sophisticated manufacturing practice. The 30th edition of the “bible of the Metalworking Industries” contains major revisions of existing content, as well as new material on a variety of topics.

Plus. It is the essential reference for mechanical, toolmakers, and industrial engineers, manufacturing, machinists, designers, draftsmen, engineering and technology students, and the serious home hobbyist. New to the 30th edition: expanded metrology section, vernier, including v-blocks and micrometer, and dial calipers.

Many thoroughly reworked and renovated sections throughout.

Shop Reference for Students & Apprentices

Industrial Press, Inc. - As a proven and affordable handbook covering those critical areas of interest commonly encountered by machinists, technical institutes, toolmakers, diemakers, drafters, and other shop and manufacturing personnel, it is an essential reference for students in vocational schools, and apprenticeship courses.

Discusses those aspects of applied mathematics needed on the job and covers the proper use of measuring instruments and methods. Outlines the standard methods of presentation and the conventions used in preparing engineering drawings. Offers detailed information on inch and metric standard tolerances, allowances, limits and fits, forms, as well as in-depth descriptions of the sizes, preferred numbers and sizes, dimensions of standard machine elements commonly encountered in and around the shop.

Shop Reference for Students & Apprentices - Provides machining methods and materials selection, recommended speeds and feeds for various kinds of machining operations on different materials, and the types and compositions of metals commonly used in machine construction. Includes an extensive index that will enable the user to quickly and conveniently find the information and data that he or she requires.

From the ability to understand and use shop mathematics to the reading and interpreting of shop drawings, the editor's intent is to provide the information and know-how that students will need as they prepare themselves for jobs in metalworking industries. The reader will find a wide range of useful formulas and data together with extensive text.

Industrial Pr.

Machinery's Handbook, Pocket Companion

Industrial Press, Inc. - Cengage Learning. While it serves as a complementary text, this book does not replace the Handbook. Much of the subject matter is reorganized, distilled, or simplified to enhance this book’s usability and to keep its bulk down. Supplement Booklet 10 large prints. Industrial Pr. Extremely concise yet authoritative, charts, this invaluable tool draws on the wealth of tables, and text in the Machinery’s Handbook, 30th Edition.

Machinery’s handbook pocket companion is designed for anyone in the machine trades for whom convenient access to just the most basic data is at a premium. Cengage Learning. Industrial Pr. Both practitioners and students will find the Pocket Companion to be a convenient ready-reference to keep nearby while working on the shop or factory floor or learning the fundamentals in the school lab.

Machinery's Handbook, Pocket Companion - . Industrial Press Inc.

Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching

Delmar Cengage Learning - Each unit features a basic principle and at least one blueprint and assignment that encourages students to practice newly learned skills. Industrial Pr. Cengage Learning. Industrial Pr. Supplement Booklet 10 large prints. Cengage Learning. The newly revised 9th edition of Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching continues the traditions in helping to readers achieve competence in reading and sketching technical drawings.

Industrial Press Inc. For over 50 years, with close to $500, basic blueprint Reading and Sketching has been an international best-seller, 000 in sales and THE definitive resource for blueprint reading. This classic interactive book/workbook will help users develop skills in reading and interpreting industrial drawings and preparing basic to advanced technical sketches.

Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching - This book will provide them with basic principles, concepts, terminology, manufacturing process notes, ANSI and SI Metric drafting symbols and standards, and other related technical information contained on a mechanical or CAD drawing. This edition contains coverage of the latest ANSI, ISO, AWS and ASME standards.