Research for the Health Professional

F.A. Davis Company #ad - Share research and evidence-based practice findings through a variety of methods. Use “skill-building tips, ” suggestions to understand the content in each chapter and avoid common pitfalls. Encourage and inspire participation in research and evidence-based practice activities. Learn about software packages that can assist with qualitative and quantitative analysis.

. Learning by doing Discriminate between quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. Review coverage of client-centered needs and desired outcomes as they relate to the available evidence. Access and critically evaluate literature related to their practice areas.


Documentation Manual for Occupational Therapy: Writing SOAP Notes

Slack Incorporated #ad - With that idea in mind, documentation manual for occupational Therapy: Writing SOAP Notes, Fourth Edition presents a systematic approach to a standard form of health care documentation: the SOAP note. Crystal gateley and sherry borcherding use a “how-to” strategy by breaking up the documentation process into a step-by-step sequence.

In addition, examples from a variety of practice settings are included as a reference.  . The clinical reasoning skills underlying SOAP note documentation can be adapted to fit the written or electronic documentation requirements of nearly any occupational therapy practice setting. Numerous worksheets are provided to practice each individual skill as well as the entire SOAP note process.

Documentation manual for occupational Therapy, Fourth Edition also includes the COAST method, a specific format for writing occupation-based goals. This new fourth edition has been updated to reflect current information essential to contemporary occupational therapy practice, including the AOTA’s Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain & Process, Third Edition.

Documentation Manual for Occupational Therapy: Writing SOAP Notes #ad - One of the most critical skills that occupational therapists must learn is effective documentation. Documentation manual for occupational therapy: writing SOAP Notes, treating, faculty, and students will find critical for assessing, Fourth Edition presents essential documentation skills that all occupational therapy clinicians, and offering the best evidence available for their clients.

New in the fourth edition:the chapter focusing on reimbursement, and ethical considerations has been vastly expanded to provide an overview of sources of reimbursement, legal, regulatory guidelines, and legal and ethical issues. A new chapter focusing on electronic documentation has been added to illustrate how the concepts presented in this text can be used in various electronic documentation software products.


Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy: The Theoretical Basis and Practice Application of Group Intervention

Slack Incorporated #ad - Recent examples and evidence are added in this Fifth Edition to reflect the design and use of groups for evaluation and intervention within the newly evolving paradigm of occupational therapy. The third section focuses on the design of group protocols and outlines a series of group experiences for students.

The theory section clarifies how occupation based models and frames of reference change the way occupational therapy groups are organized and how theory impacts the selection of group activities, goals, and outcomes. The settings for which students can design group interventions has been updated to include current and emerging practice settings.

Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy: The Theoretical Basis and Practice Application of Group Intervention #ad - These are intended to provide both personal and professional growth, as well as a format for practice in group leadership, cultural competence, self-reflection, and community service learning. With a client-centered theoretical approach, group dynamics in Occupational Therapy: The Theoretical Basis and Practice Application of Group Intervention, Fifth Edition continues a 25-year tradition of education for occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant students and clinicians.

Updated to meet the aota’s occupational therapy Practice Framework, Third Edition, this Fifth Edition provides guidelines for occupational therapy group design and leadership and guides application of theory-based groups. Instructors in educational settings can visit www. Efacultylounge. Com for additional material to be used for teaching in the classroom.

A new chapter focusing on the recovery model and trauma-informed care suggests ways for occupational therapists to design group interventions within these broadly defined approaches.


Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents Case Review

Mosby #ad - Written by educators jane case-smith and jane clifford O’Brien, this text is the Number One book in pediatric OT!Case studies help you apply concepts to actual situations you may encounter in practice. Research notes boxes and evidence-based summary tables help you interpret evidence and strengthen your clinical decision-making skills.

Learning resources on Evolve include video clips, review activities, and additional case studies. Learning objectives indicate what you will be learning in each chapter and serve as checkpoints in studying for examinations. A glossary makes it easy to look up key terms. New video clips and case studies on the Evolve website demonstrate important concepts and rehabilitation techniques.

New autism spectrum disorder chapter contains important information for OTs not addressed in other texts. New neuromotor: cerebral Palsy chapter addresses the most prevalent cause of motor dysfunction in children. New adolescent development chapter helps you manage the special needs of teenagers and young adults.

Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents Case Review #ad - New contemporary design includes full-color photos and illustrations. Updated content and references ensure you have access to the comprehensive, research-based information that will guide you in making optimal decisions in practice. Its emphasis on evidence-based practice includes updated references, research notes, and explanations of the evidentiary basis for specific interventions.

Focusing on children from infancy to adolescence, 7th Edition provides comprehensive, Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents, full-color coverage of pediatric conditions and treatment techniques in all settings.


Willard and Spackman's Occupational Therapy

LWW #ad - Buy it as an ebook ! fast, smart, and convenient, today’s eBooks can transform learning. Now fully updated to reflect current practice, the 13th Edition remains the must-have resource that students that will use throughout their entire OT program, from class to fieldwork and throughout their careers.

Learning objectives, and practice Dilemmas, help students master the material and prepare them for the current realities of OT practice. Enrich your ebook reading experience with enhanced video, tablet, second-language or literacy challenges, such as computer, powering your content with natural language text-to-speechAdapt for unique reading needs, or smartphoneEasily convert to audiobook, visual/auditory impairments, Audio and Interactive Capabilities! Read directly on your preferred devices, supporting learning disabilities, and more Mosby.

Practice-oriented: case studie s serve as models for problem-solving in dealing with clients, practice issues, and managing OT services and staff. Comprehensive: the 13th edition is the only text in the field to cover the full breadth and scope of occupational therapy, summarizing important and complex material in a completely accessible way.

Willard and Spackman's Occupational Therapy #ad - Integrated: integrated coverage of evaluation and intervention processes gives students a holistic overview of the field. These interactive, fully searchable tools offer 24/7 access on multiple devices, the ability to highlight and share notes, and much more NEW! Each Unit is now reflective of the nomenclature for the new domains and processes covered in AOTA’s Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, 3rd Edition .

New! “centennial notes” sections showcase perspectives from the history of OT, providing inspiring context to students entering the profession. Celebrating 100 years of the occupational therapy profession, this Centennial Edition of Willard & Spackman’s Occupational Therapy continues to live up to its well-earned reputation as the foundational book that welcomes students into their newly chosen profession.


Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction Seventh Edition

LWW #ad - Succeed in the course and master the concepts and skills you need to be an effective, reflective practitioner with Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction, 7th Edition. Used book in Good Condition. Featuring engaging and practical coverage, new activity analysis case examples, the Seventh Edition includes the latest research in the field, new photos, new online videos, and a streamlined organization that includes 45 chapters in the print textbook with three additional chapters posted online.

Develop a theoretical foundation to guide your professional decisions through the OFM framework used consistently throughout the book. Access the best evidence for the effectiveness of the interventions discussed in the text with Evidence tables that summarize research studies. Prepare for professional practice with Assessment tables that highlight the psychometric properties and the strengths and weaknesses of individual assessment methods.

Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction Seventh Edition #ad - Understand how chapter topics inform occupational therapy practice with Case Example s that describe both the occupational therapy process and the clinical reasoning behind the interventions. Broaden your understanding of occupational therapy practice with Procedures from Practice, clinical reasoning examples, safety notes, research notes, and review questions.

Maximize your study time with learning objectives, clinical reasoning questions, and a comprehensive glossary. Extend your learning online with a wide range of resources, including compelling videos that bring key concepts to life, and Learning Objectives, answers to the book’s Clinical Reasoning questions, as well as access to the fully searchable eBook online.

The authors introduce the highly acclaimed, easy-to-understand Occupation Functional Model OFM in the first section, setting the stage for subsequent discussions that guide you through the assessment and treatment of adult patients with physical dysfunction from initial evaluation to treatment to follow-up.


Occupational Therapy in Community-Based Practice Settings

F.A. Davis Company #ad - Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Facilitates the transition from a medical model of practice to community-based practice. Features case studies that bring topics to life. Discusses issues related to returning to the community after hospitalization, alternative living arrangements, including accessibility concerns, and community re-entry programs.

Evaluates future directions and implications for professional education, research, and practice roles. Provides specific information regarding the role of personnel, documentation, evaluation, treatment, referrals, and reimbursement in these settings. Describes a variety of settings where community-based practice occurs, hospice, adult day care, independent living programs, including community-based work programs, and home health care.

Occupational Therapy in Community-Based Practice Settings #ad - Offers tools to make learning easier, key terms, study questions, including learning objectives, and a summary in each chapter. Mosby.


Assistive Technologies: Principles and Practice

Mosby #ad - Mosby. Coverage of changing at needs throughout the lifespan emphasizes how AT fits into people’s lives and contributes to their full participation in society. Principles and practice of assistive technology provides the foundation for effective decision-making. New! global issues content broadens the focus of application beyond North America to include technology applications and service delivery in developing countries.

New! ethical issues and occupational justice content exposes you to vital information as you start interacting with clients. New! more case studies added throughout the text foster an understanding of how assistive technologies are used and how they function. New! updated content reflects current technology and helps keep you current.

New! explicit applications of the haat model in each of the chapters on specific technologies and more emphasis on the interactions among the elements make content even easier to understand. Used book in Good Condition. It’s here: the latest edition of the one text you need to master assistive strategies, make confident clinical decisions, and help improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Assistive Technologies: Principles and Practice #ad - Updated and expanded, this new edition features coverage of new ethical issues, more explicit applications of the HAAT model, and a variety of global issues highlighting technology applications and service delivery in developing countries. Human activity assistive Technology HAAT framework demonstrates assistive technology within common, everyday contexts for more relevant application.


Pedretti's Occupational Therapy: Practice Skills for Physical Dysfunction

Mosby #ad - Mosby. Mosby. New full color photos and helpful pedagogy, including threaded case studies, reinforce learning, ethical considerations, and end-of-chapter review questions, enhance retention, OT Practice Notes, and prompt you to apply principles in a clinical setting. Unique! threaded case studies, woven throughout each chapter, help you apply concepts to real-life clinical practice.

. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. It looks at how the occupational therapist offers emotional support and intervention during every phase of the rehabilitation program. Updated! completely revised chapter on low back pain discusses topics that are critical for the occupational therapist including: anatomy; client evaluation; interventions areas; client-centered occupational therapy analysis; and intervention strategies for frequently impacted occupations.

Updated! revised special needs of the older adult chapter now utilizes a top-down approach, starting with wellness and productive aging, then moving to occupation and participation in meaningful activity and finally, highlighting body functions and structures which have the potential to physiologically decline as a person ages.

Pedretti's Occupational Therapy: Practice Skills for Physical Dysfunction #ad - New and expanded! additional section in the orthotics chapter looks at the increasing array of orthotic devices available in today’s marketplace, such as robot-assisted therapy, to support the weak upper extremity. Updated! revised chapters on joint range of motion and evaluation of muscle strength include new full color photos to better illustrate how to perform these key procedures.

This cornerstone text provides a foundation for the development of clinical reasoning skills in a comprehensive, case-based learning approach to physical dysfunction. Unique! ethical considerations boxes highlight the key ethical concerns of treatment options so you can practice ethically.


The Intentional Relationship: Occupational Therapy and Use of Self

F.A. Davis Company #ad - Uses self-reflection exercises and assessments to allow readers to test their knowledge and reflect upon chapter content as it relates directly to clinical practice experience. Used book in Good Condition. Mosby. Identifies six easy-to-apply modes of communication —Advocating • Collaborating • Empathizing • Encouraging • Instructing • Problem solving.

Highlights intentional relationship models through case studies. Mosby. Used book in Good Condition. Introduces a new conceptual practice model that defines the communication skills, reasoning processes, values, and interpersonal behaviors required to form a unique and effective relationship between client and therapist.


Human Development and Performance Throughout the Lifespan

Cengage Learning #ad - Mosby. Cengage Learning. It provides a broad, occupation-based viewpoint of development and performance throughout all life stages with an emphasis on the factors that influence daily participation and optimal performance of desired daily life tasks. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Mosby.

Written by an occupational therapist and a physical therapist, the book incorporates chapters by leading experts in human development, giving users cutting-edge information and a wide range of perspectives. The authors use a life course conceptual model as an organizational foundation for clinical reasoning to help readers understand how to implement the activity- and participation-based goals and outcomes for therapy.

Human Development and Performance Throughout the Lifespan #ad - By integrating information from the international Classification of Function and Disability ICF with a developmental life-task perspective, the book gives both newcomers and experienced professionals an essential, contemporary frame of reference. Human development & performance Throughout the Lifespan, 2nd Edition is ideal for occupational therapy, physical therapy, and other rehabilitation disciplines.