Soldier on Her Doorstep Heroes Come Home Book 1

Harlequin Romance - Still, the least she can do is offer this battle-weary hero a place to rest. When lilly's little hand reaches for Alex's big, strong one, for the first time Lisa feels her buried emotions begin to stir. …. Soldier alex dane promised his dying comrade he'd make sure his wife and daughter were okay, and so he finds himself on a doorstep with his heart in his mouth.

Lisa kennedy loved her husband, Lilly, but she must focus on her daughter, who hasn't spoken since her daddy's death.

The Army Ranger's Return: A Single Dad Romance Heroes Come Home Book 2

Harlequin Romance - Now she can't wait to meet him face-to-face—to hear his voice and see his smile…. A soldier's second chance…as nervous as a teenager about to go on her first date, Jessica Mitchell waits for Special Forces Ranger Ryan McAdams—her best friend for the past year—whom she's never met! They've been pen pals while Ryan was away fighting for their country and Jessica was secretly fighting her own demons back home.

She knows widower ryan's fears of returning to civilian life and his hopes of reconnecting with his son.

The Navy SEAL's Bride Heroes Come Home Book 4

Harlequin Romance - Ex-navy seal tom cartwright is struggling to return to civilian life. She's learned the hard way to rely only on herself. His little niece is his only ray of sunshine and he agrees to be the "show" in her school show-and-tell. Teacher caitlin rose knows all about past disappointments—once, she danced in the spotlight but now she shows others how to.

Yet as soon as tom looks at her with those big brown eyes, she's done for…. Can caitlin crack the walls around this soldier's battle-worn heart? .

Back in the Soldier's Arms Heroes Come Home Book 3

Harlequin Romance - But when daniel makes a reckless mistake, the foundations of their marriage are shaken. Now he's got to act fast to keep hold of his precious wife. Daniel launches a campaign to win Penny back: he has just a week to do whatever it takes to make her fall in love with him all over again. To the outside world, a beautiful daughter, Daniel and Penny Cartwright have it all—a lovely home, successful military careers and a rock-solid marriage.

Mission: Soldier to Daddy Heroes Come Home Book 5

Harlequin Romance - But raising their son has been tough, and watching little Charlie fall in love with a dad who might leave again is terrifying. Luke doesn't want to walk away again—and he's determined to win back his wife and child! After two years away, he wasn't expecting his wife to welcome him open-armed, but he wasn't anticipating divorce papers either.

When she sees him standing on her doorstep in his immaculate uniform, Olivia longs to feel her handsome husband's strong arms around her. Luke's toughest fight yet is for his familyIn the Special Forces, Luke Brown trained for the harshest of war situations; pity there's no training for being a husband and father.


SORAYA LANE - So when heavy snowfall closes JFK airport and she misses her connecting flight, she's devastated. With only 48 hours back on home soil, United States Army Corporal Saskia Cullen is desperate to spend every minute with her young son. Luke is back in the us on leave, waiting to hear the details of his next mission, and Saskia proves to be a pleasant distraction.

And when he hears that she needs to get home to see her son, he's prepared to do anything to help the sexy single mom. And then does everything within his power to get her home. Until navy seal luke Gray offers to keep her company. Trouble is, he hadn't planned on falling for anyone, let alone a beautiful soldier about to return overseas.

The Girls of Pearl Harbor

Lake Union Publishing - Now embroiled in a war they never could have imagined, they must decide what truly matters to them and face grief as they never have before. Joined at the hip, attending parties, flirting with the handsome soldiers, exuberant Poppy, and brave but haunted April frolic in the sun, idealistic Grace, and becoming fast friends with seasoned nurse Eva.

Death may await them—but so do hope and purpose. Like the hawaiian sun, their future seems warm and bright—until the infamous morning of December 7. Within just a few horrifying hours, their sparkling hopes turn to black rubble and ash. In the midst of the carnage, can they find happiness and learn to fight not just for their country’s honor but for themselves?

The Girls of Pearl Harbor - From the bestselling author of wives of War comes a harrowing tale of four brave young nurses whose lives change forever in the wake of the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. When grace, april, one made all the better by their first station: Pearl Harbor, they see it as little more than an adventure, and Poppy join the US Army Nurse Corps, Hawaii.

Single Dad's Holiday Wedding Rocky Mountain Brides

Harlequin Romance - Summoned back to her hometown, Lori Hutchinson hides her apprehensions behind a dazzling smile. She may be totally out of her depth, stepping into her father's corporate shoes, but she has a job to do…. Single dad jace has learned to rely only on himself and his adorable little daughter. His construction business now depends on him working with Lori—so Jace sets out to prove who's boss….

But with the holiday season drawing near, it's not all just business. Jace discovers a sweet, generous woman hiding behind those pinstripes….

Always and Forever

Lake Union Publishing - But life is rarely that simple. When their beautiful life is rocked by tragedy, they are forced to make an unbearable choice. They have a dream house and a dream marriage, and very soon they’ll have a dream family too. Matt is desperate not to lose Lisa, but as they confront their grief in different ways, he may have lost her already.

Where there is love there ought to be strength, but this love has been tested to its limits. Lisa and matt can’t believe their luck. Have they endured too much heartbreak for one couple to take? Or will a journey down memory lane put them back on the road to love, hope—and each other? Suddenly the future they’ve built together looks fragile and exposed.

Always and Forever - With aching hearts and their love on the line, they set off on a road trip through the stunning Californian landscape, hoping that time—and distance from the life they thought perfect—will help them start again.

Hearts of Resistance

Lake Union Publishing - What starts out as helping downed airmen becomes a bigger cause when they meet Sophia, a German escapee and fierce critic of Hitler who is wanted by the Gestapo. Will their united front be strong enough to see them through? Together the three women form a bond that will last a lifetime. But amid the turmoil and tragedy of warfare, all three risk losing everything—and everyone—they hold dear.

At the height of world war ii, three women must come together to fight for freedom, for the men they love—and for each other. When hazel is given the chance to parachute into Nazi-occupied France, she seizes the opportunity to do more for the British war effort than file paperwork. Alongside her childhood friend, French-born Rose, she quickly rises up the ranks of the freedom fighters.

Hearts of Resistance - For rose, the resistance is a link to her late husband, and a way to move forward without him.

Her Soldier Protector The Soldiers Homecoming Book 2

Harlequin Romance - She's suffered too much hurt to open herself up for more, but will Candace be able to keep her distance when every fiber of her being pulls her toward Logan? From different worlds… australian SAS hero Logan Murdoch has served his country well, but now he needs a break. Acting as bodyguard for singer Candace Evans should be easy, but something about Candace makes him long to hold her close and protect her from the world.

Candace has learned never to trust men, and even though Logan seems perfect, she can see the demons he tries to hide.