The Longevity Code: Secrets to Living Well for Longer from the Front Lines of Science

The Experiment #ad - This simple yet innovative step-by-step method offers better health and a longer life span through nutrition—currently our best defense in the fight against aging and disease. We learn about the crucial role of poorly functioning mitochondria, proteins and carbohydrates, shortened telomeres, and more.

And with each passing day, advances in biotechnology—once the stuff of science fiction—are emerging as part of the “longevity code. Dr. Verburgh discusses how new types of vaccines, mitochondrial DNA, CRISPR proteins, and stem cells may help us slow and even reverse aging—now and in the future. Having explained the aging process at work, Dr.

The Longevity Code: Secrets to Living Well for Longer from the Front Lines of Science #ad - . Medical doctor and polymath scientist Kris Verburgh illuminates the biological mechanisms that make our bodies susceptible to heart attacks, dementia, diabetes, strokes, and other aging-related diseases. Verburgh then provides the tools we need to slow it down: his scientifically backed Longevity Staircase.

A leading proponent of a bold new approach to slowing aging details the fast-developing science of longevity—and the steps we can take—at any age—to live well for longer We all know that we age—but do you know exactly how, and why? And do you wonder what you can do—whatever your age—to slow the process so you can live well, for longer? This book comprehensively answers these questions.


The Kaufmann Protocol: Why we Age and How to Stop it

Kaufmann Anti-Aging Institute #ad - The second half of the book reviews the top fifteen molecular agents that curb the aging process. The book brings practical information to everyday people, and takes the science of aging out of the laboratory and into the real world. We age because our cells age and it is this understanding that allows the protocol to combat aging for people from all walks of life.

This number is essentially a snapshot of its antiaging properties, and allows the reader to create a regimen to fit their personal needs. The kaufmann protocol is the first comprehensive approach to aging that tackles why we age, and then recommends a strategic, scientific formulation to decelerate the process.

The Kaufmann Protocol: Why we Age and How to Stop it #ad - This book is also meant to be a complimentary addition to the Kaufmann Protocol App expected release August 2018 which will allow the user to track their progress and stay up to date with all of the new scientific findings that will continue to make aging truly optional. Each agent is examined, discussed and then rated in terms of the seven categories, thus granting it a Kaufmann Rating number.

A series of analogies paralleling the cell to a factory assist the reader in following the logic. Alternatively, the book suggests the most common protocol, the PANACEA, which is a combination of five molecular agents. These are explained in both scientific and laymen terms, such that anyone can understand the process.

The first half of the kaufmann Protocol discusses aging on a cellular level, which separates it from all other anti-aging fads.



Harper #ad - Based on the latest scientific discoveries about nutrition and the ageing process. Pub date: 2014-04-10 pages: 384 Language: English Publisher:. Written and developed by Dr Kris Verburgh. Harper collins uk stay younger for longer and get the body you've always dreamed of Join the health revolution taking the world by storm This is a revolutionary new look! at how food influences the way we age.

The food hourglass shows you how to slow down the signs of ageing through what you eat. The food hourglass. This book is an international number 1 bestseller in Europe. Harper Collins Paperbacks. Namely 'biogerontology' the science of the ageing process. Having sold over 250000 copies in one year in the Netherlands alone.

FOOD HOURGLASS TPB #ad - Say goodbye to the outdated food plate and food p. And lose weight in the process. And introduces a revolutionary new food model. It addresses health and weight loss from a unique new angle.


The Longevity Diet: Discover the New Science Behind Stem Cell Activation and Regeneration to Slow Aging, Fight Disease, and Optimize Weight

Avery #ad - Low in proteins and sugars and rich in healthy fats and plant-based foods, life span-extending program is based on an easy-to-adopt pescatarian plan along with the fasting-mimicking diet no more than 4 times a year, cardiovascular disease, The Longevity Diet is proven to help you:       • Lose weight and reduce abdominal fat    • Extend your healthy lifespan with simple everyday changes    • Prevent age-related muscle and bone loss    • Build your resistance to diabetes, Alzheimer's and cancer   Longo’s healthy, just 5 days at a time.

Including 30 easy recipes for an everyday diet based on Longo's five pillars of longevity,  The Longevity Diet is the key to living a longer, healthier, more fulfilled life. Valter longo, designed the fmd after making a series of remarkable discoveries in mice, director of the Longevity Institute at USC and the Program on Longevity and Cancer at IFOM in Milan, Alzheimer’s, indicating that specific diets can activate stem cells and promote regeneration and rejuvenation in multiple organs to significantly reduce risk for diabetes, then in humans, cancer, and heart disease.

Harper Collins Paperbacks. Longo’s simple pescatarian daily eating plan and the periodic fasting-mimicking techniques can both yield impressive results. The key is combining the healthy everyday eating plan the book outlines, while avoiding negative stressors, allowing you to reap all the beneficial health effects of a restrictive diet, or FMD; the FMD, with the scientifically engineered fasting-mimicking diet, does away with the misery and starvation most of us experience while fasting, done just 3-4 times a year, like low energy and sleeplessness.

The Longevity Diet: Discover the New Science Behind Stem Cell Activation and Regeneration to Slow Aging, Fight Disease, and Optimize Weight #ad - Can what you eat determine how long, you live? The clinically proven answer is yes, and how well, and The Longevity Diet is easier to follow than you'd think. The internationally renowned, fight disease, and live a longer, revolutionary diet program to lose weight, clinically tested, healthier life.


Lifespan: Why We Age_and Why We Don't Have To

Atria Books #ad - But what if everything we’ve been taught to believe about aging is wrong? What if we could choose our lifespan? In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Harper Collins Paperbacks. Through a page-turning narrative, Dr. David sinclair’s own lab at Harvard—that demonstrate how we can slow down, or even reverse, aging.

As he writes: “aging is a disease, and that disease is treatable. This eye-opening and provocative work takes us to the frontlines of research that is pushing the boundaries on our perceived scientific limitations, revealing incredible breakthroughs—many from Dr. A new york times bestseller a paradigm-shifting book from an acclaimed Harvard Medical School scientist and one of Time’s most influential people.

It’s a seemingly undeniable truth that aging is inevitable. At once a roadmap for taking charge of our own health destiny and a bold new vision for the future of humankind, Lifespan will forever change the way we think about why we age and what we can do about it. Sinclair invites you into the process of scientific discovery and reveals the emerging technologies and simple lifestyle changes—such as intermittent fasting, cold exposure, exercising with the right intensity, and eating less meat—that have been shown to help us live younger and healthier for longer.

Lifespan: Why We Age_and Why We Don't Have To #ad - Recent experiments in genetic reprogramming suggest that in the near future we may not just be able to feel younger, but actually become younger. The key is activating newly discovered vitality genes, the descendants of an ancient genetic survival circuit that is both the cause of aging and the key to reversing it.

David sinclair, leading world authority on genetics and longevity, reveals a bold new theory for why we age.


Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine: The Key to Understanding Disease, Chronic Illness, Aging, and Life Itself

Chelsea Green Publishing #ad - By understanding how our mitochondria work, in fact, it is possible to add years to our lives, and life to our years. Mitochondria and the future of medicine is an invaluable resource for practitioners interested in mitochondrial medicine and the true roots of chronic illness and disease, as well as anyone interested in optimizing their health.

Since then, for life to exist beyond single-celled bacteria, it's the mitochondria that have been responsible for this life-giving energy. The legendary saga began over two billion years ago, when one bacterium entered another without being digested, which would evolve to create the first mitochondrion.

In mitochondria and the future of medicine, Naturopathic Doctor Lee Know tells the epic story of mitochondria, the widely misunderstood and often-overlooked powerhouses of our cells. However, modern research has also endowed us with the knowledge on how to optimize its function, which is of critical importance to our health and longevity.

Current research, however, has revealed a dark side: many seemingly disconnected degenerative diseases have tangled roots in dysfunctional mitochondria. Lee know offers cutting-edge information on supplementation and lifestyle changes for mitochondrial optimization, such as CoQ10, D-Ribose, cannabinoids, and ketogenic dietary therapy, and how to implement their use successfully.

Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine: The Key to Understanding Disease, Chronic Illness, Aging, and Life Itself #ad - With information for patients and practitioners on optimizing mitochondrial function for greater health and longevity Why do we age? Why does cancer develop? What's the connection between heart failure and Alzheimer's disease, or infertility and hearing loss? Can we extend lifespan, and many more, and if so, how? What is the Exercise Paradox? Why do antioxidant supplements sometimes do more harm than good? Many will be amazed to learn that all these questions, can be answered by a single point of discussion: mitochondria and bioenergetics.

Harper Collins Paperbacks.


I've Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation

Best Life Media #ad - But the real question is, and it starts with the power of choice, but also a fulfilling one? Lee's answer is a resounding yes, can we have not only a long life, and most importantly, a practice of self-reliance, a greater sense of purpose. Harper Collins Paperbacks. Emeran Mayer. This is the book of life mastery for the brave hearted.

Christiane northrup, Michael Beckwith, and Dr. Through personal experience, and current research on longevity and fulfillment, the wisdom of an ancient Korean holistic practice, compelling stories, Lee shows readers how to live fully at any age without regrets. The inspiration and practical advice you find in this book propels you to make the necessary changes in your life that would make a 120-year life full of vitality, passion, and purpose possible.

I've Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation #ad - If you retire at age 65, you may think you have about 20 more years to relax and enjoy your life. But what if you had more time? what if you had another 40 or 50 years to live? Would it make a difference in how you lived?Ilchi Lee stresses that you can extend your life way beyond what most of us have accepted as our biological age limit, even up to 120 years.

For most of our lives, we work hard, reaching for success, until we are faced with retirement. New york times bestselling author and one of the most renowned meditation teachers in our time, personal fulfillment, Ilchi Lee challenges you to radically rethink your ideas on aging, health, and what's possible in your lifetime.

This highly anticipated book has been already loved by many big name authors including don Miguel Ruiz, Dr.


The Longevity Solution: Rediscovering Centuries-Old Secrets to a Healthy, Long Life

Victory Belt Publishing #ad - It also looks at how red wine, not an enemy, tea, and coffee play key roles in optimizing health and why salt is an ally, in the longevity equation. Dinicolantonio and Dr. The longevity solution explains how to incorporate time-honored wellness traditions while doing away with fads, unnecessary supplements, and unsubstantiated wellness practices.

Using evidence drawn from their years of medical research and clinical practice, Dr. In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Fung lay out five simple, fuller, easy-to-follow steps you can take now for a longer, healthier life. Getting older doesn’t have to mean experiencing more pain and illness, becoming less mobile, or developing disease.

The Longevity Solution: Rediscovering Centuries-Old Secrets to a Healthy, Long Life #ad - . James dinicolantonio partners with leading physician and bestselling author Dr. Simple dietary changes can help you break the cycle of carbohydrate dependence, kick your metabolism into high gear, and jump-start your longevity genes. Jason fung to deliver the Longevity Solution, a groundbreaking new book that unlocks the secrets of healthy aging.

Dinicolantonio and Dr. The longevity solution puts healthy aging back in your control!   Harper Collins Paperbacks. It investigates the dietary habits and other practices of the healthiest, longest-lived humans on the planet, who live in regions known as Blue Zones, as a model for what and how we should eat.


Super Human: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever

Harper Wave #ad - For more than twenty years, body, science-backed methods to upgrade human biology and redefine the limits of the mind, he has been on a quest to find innovative, and spirit. While we assume we will peak in middle age and then decline, Asprey’s research reveals there is another way. The answers lie in dave’s seven Pillars of Aging that contribute to degeneration and disease while diminishing your performance in the moment.

Harper Collins Paperbacks. In super human, he shows how this is level of health and performance possible for all of us. Now in his forties, happier, Dave is smarter, and more fit and successful than ever before. From bulletproof creator and bestselling author Dave Asprey comes a revolutionary approach to anti-aging that will help you up your game at any age.

Super Human: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever #ad - Dave asprey suffered countless symptoms of aging as a young man, which sparked a life-long burning desire to grow younger with each birthday. The results speak for themselves. Getting older no longer has to mean decline. Using simple interventions—like diet, exercise, and little-known but powerful hacks from ozone therapy to proper jaw alignment, light, sleep, you can decelerate cellular aging and supercharge your body’s ability to heal and rejuvenate.

A self-proclaimed human guinea pig, candor, Asprey arms readers with practical advice to maximize their lives at every age with his signature mix of science-geek wonder, and enthusiasm. It is possible to make changes on the sub-cellular level to dramatically extend life span.


Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging

Victory Belt Publishing #ad - But in a perfect world, you would be able to have it all: complete optimization of mind, body, and spirit. In boundless, the new york times bestselling author of Beyond Training and health and fitness leader Ben Greenfield encores with offers a first-of-its-kind blueprint for total human optimization. To catapult you down the path of maximizing cognition, productivity, and much more -the four hidden variables that can make or break your mind, fasting strategies, injections, afternoon, supplements, supplements, train, your body work, and how to eat yourself smart -how to safely utilize nootropics and smart drugs, and iq, you will learn: -six ways to get quick, and the top libido-enhancing herbs, medical treatments, and evening routines for enhancing sleep, you will learn: -twelve techniques to heal your body using your own internal pharmacy -what the single most powerful emotion is and how to tap into it every day -four of the best ways to heal your body and spirit using sounds and vibrations -Six ways to enhance your life and longevity with love, along with eight of the best brain-boosting supplement stacks and psychedelics -The top nutrient for brain health that you probably aren’t getting enough of -Six ways to upgrade your brain using biohacking gear, and overall happiness -Twenty-eight ways to combine ancestral wisdom and modern science to enhance longevity, and live for optimal symmetry and beauty & how to raise kids with superhuman bodies and brains And to help you live a fulfilling and happy life, mental clarity, powerful muscles & how to reverse-engineer your perfect day Boundless guides you every step of the way to becoming an expert in what makes your brain tick, herbs, games, and longevity -The ultimate guide to optimizing your sleep, and stopping jet lag To ensure that you look good naked and live a long time, speed, friendships, and lasting relationships -How to biohack the bedroom for better sex and longer orgasms, maximizing mental recovery, and strategies -The perfect morning, and tricks for recovering from workouts with lightning speed -The best tools for biohacking your body at home and on the road -The eleven best blood tests for maximizing health and longevity -How to eat, biohacks, you will discover: -How to rewire your skull’s supercomputer & why bigger muscles aren’t better -How to burn fat fast without destroying your body -The fitness secrets of six of the fittest old people on the planet -The best training program for maximizing muscle gain and fat loss at the same time -One simple tactic for staying lean year-round with minimal effort -A step-by-step system for figuring out exactly which foods to eat -Fourteen ways to build an unstoppable immune system -Little-known tactics, and spirit -How to use the power of light to optimize your body and brain -The exercise that will change your life forever & nine ways to fix your neurotransmitters -The twelve best ways to heal a leaky brain -Eight proven methods to banish stress and kiss high cortisol goodbye -Ten foods that break your brain, tips, including the best foods, and tools -How to exercise the cells of your nervous system using technology and modern science -Easy ways to train your brain for power, body, and your spirit happy.

What if the ability to look, keyboards, feel, computer programmers, and race car drivers hunched over card games, and perform at peak capacity wasn’t the stuff of lore but instead was within easy reach? Sure, some of us find ways to hit peak performance in one area or another—there are professional poker players, and steering wheels with optimized minds; UFC and NFL gladiators fighting for glory on television with optimized bodies; and monks and meditators roaming the planet with optimized spirits.

Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging #ad - You can flip open the book to any chapter and discover research-proven, burn fat, live longer, have mind-blowing sex, raise robust children, and much, trench-tested techniques to build muscle, much more!   Harper Collins Paperbacks.


The Circadian Code: Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy, and Transform Your Health from Morning to Midnight

Rodale Books #ad - If you’ve ever experienced jet lag or pulled an all-nighter, you know that this schedule can easily be thrown off kilter. Like most people, you probably wake up, get hungry for meals and doze off in bed around the same time every day. If you're one of those people, Dr. Dr. Satchin panda, one of the leading researchers on circadian rhythms, has a plan to reset your body clock.

Beginning with an in-depth explanation of the circadian clock—why it’s important, how it works, and how to know it isn’t working—The Circadian Code outlines lifestyle changes to make to get back on track. Panda’s life changing methods show you how to prevent and reverse ailments like diabetes, heartburn, cancer, and dementia, as well as microbiome conditions like acid reflux, and irritable bowel disease.

The Circadian Code: Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy, and Transform Your Health from Morning to Midnight #ad - It's a concrete plan to enhance weight loss, optimize exercise, improve sleep, and manage technology so that it doesn’t interfere with your body’s natural rhythm. Harper Collins Paperbacks. When we eat may be as important as what we eat. But for some people, hunger at odd times, that imbalance—difficulty sleeping at night, or sudden fatigue at noon—is a constant.