The Vanishing Conscience

Thomas Nelson - With clairty and insight, john macarthur provides you with solutions for attaining a personal holiness that can take you from living a life of blame and denial to one of peace and freedom. Adrian rogers, Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church ". Not all will like it, but all should read it. Are you losing your ability to recognize sin? are you becoming a person who finds it easy to shift blame, deny guilt, or excuse moral failure in yourself or others? In this challenging yet compelling book, John MacArthur encourages you to confront the culture's flight from moral responsibility.

In this day of morality by majority, self-centered ministry, and twilight-zone theology, a clear word like this is long overdue. Dr. A wake-up call and an alarm to jolt the sleeping church. Joseph M. A clear and prophetic word that we must hear and heed. Dr. Praise for The Vanishing Conscience: ". Stowell, president, moody bible institute "With the clarion call of a prophet, MacArthur points us back to something we have forgotten: the value and importance of a clean conscience.

The Battle for the Beginning

Thomas Nelson - Everything in scripture that teaches about sin and redemption assumes the literal truth of the first three chapters of Genesis. The battle for the Beginning draws a clear line on today's theological landscape. Naturalism has now replaced Christianity as the main religion of the Western world, and evolution has become its principal dogma.

Many christians who claim to believe that the Bible is God's revealed truth seem willing to allow modern scientific theories to replace the Genesis account of creation. Less than a century and a half ago, Charles Darwin popularized the credo for this secular religion. Such compromises present a conspicuous danger.

The Battle for the Beginning - If we wobble to any degree on the truth of this passage, " John MacArthur insists, "we undermind the very foundations of our faith. ". Is the enemy winning? "thanks to the theory of evolution, " writes best-selling author John MacArthur, "naturalism is now the dominant religion of modern society. Bible teacher and pastor, john macarthur, believes that in Genesis 1-3 we find the foundation of every doctrine that is essential to the Christian faith?the vital underpinnings for everything we believe.

The battle lines have been drawn.

The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross

GLH Publishing - After an introduction that discusses the nature of Christ's death as natural, unnatural, preternatural, and supernatural, Dr. This comprehensive and accessible volume is useful for both sermon preparation and personal study.  . Arthur W. Pink clearly illustrates the lessons that can be drawn from Christ's words-lessons on forgiveness, suffering, anguish, victory, affection, salvation, and contentment.

The words christ spoke from the cross can inform Christians of the purpose, the meaning, the sufferings, and the sufficiency of his death.

A Simple Christianity: Rediscover the Foundational Principles of Our Faith

Baker Books - Do you find the christian life too complicated, your relationship with jesus grown cold and predictable? Award-winning author and respected pastor John MacArthur reminds us in A Simple Christianity that what's been lost can be found--and tells us how! This practical tool will help you restore the fire and conviction of your first love for Christ by helping you better understand his character, his glory, your zeal diminished, and his love for you.

. Macarthur counsels all who want more love for Christ to pursue him by making Christ their focus each day, in every contact, in every activity, and in every thought. It's when you make him your priority and love Christ with all your heart, soul, and strength that God is glorified.

The Truth About Forgiveness

Thomas Nelson - It is only as we understand our need, christ's power and example, and what it reallly means to love that we can embrace two of the most liberating acts of love: forgiving and being forgiven. And as best-selling author and pastor John MacArthur demonstrates, forgiveness apart from Christ is unnatural. It feels unnatural.

These powerful books are designed to give readers a focused experience that centers on God's character and how it applies to their daily walk of faith. It seems unfair. The truth about series for decades macArthur has encouraged countless Christians to develop a deeper understanding of the Bible and a greater respect for God's truth.

The Truth About Forgiveness - The greatest measuring rod of love in the life of a Christian may be forgiveness, because God showed His love to us in terms of forgiveness. John macarthur does anyone really want to forgive? Or admit that we need forgiveness? Whether we're giving or receiving, forgiveness is hard. In the truth about series, he now gathers his landmark teachings about core aspects of the Christian faith in one place.

Evangelism: How to Share the Gospel Faithfully MacArthur Pastor's Library

Thomas Nelson - Evangelism begins by comparing the current state of outreach in American Christianity with evangelism throughout church history and also in the Bible. Expand your macarthur Pastor’s Library to include this much-needed topic. Presenting a theology on the subject that addresses the theological principles that govern evangelism, showing how they are played out in the church, as well as the family and personal interaction.

It includes preaching, one-on-one witnessing, missions, parenting evangelism, and commissioning and supporting missionaries. A clear, biblical theology of evangelism, presented with a historical foundation and practical instruction. This book's substantive and doctrinally insightful guide to biblical outreach complements the previous volumes Preaching, Biblical Counseling, and Pastoral Ministry.

The Cost

Christian Focus Publications - He did not try to save people's feelings. This was because the things He was saying were too important and His love for people too strong to allow Him room to tread softly. Steven lawson unpacks these few verses, looking at the unashamed honesty, passion, and urgency with which Jesus explains the incredible cost involved in following Him.

It is undoubtedly the biggest sacrifice any person ever makes - but it is for the most abundantly glorious prize imaginable. Nestled in a few verses in luke's Gospel is a Jesus who would not have been tolerated on our city streets today: He was not politically correct.

The Parables of Jesus

Moody Publishers - Discover their power for yourself. Some sections of the Bible give us grand theology. Some move us to grateful responses to God. But the parables break through mere words and make us ask whether there has indeed been any real difference in our lives. In this beloved classic, wisdom and folly, the Christian life, James Boice takes us systematically through the parables of Jesus, salvation, grouping them into five categories: parables of the kingdom, and judgment.

Through his careful study and clear explanation of each parable—born from a sermon series he preached at the Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, where he pastored for 32 years—he helps us understand just what Jesus meant, and how our hearts and lives ought to respond. In each section Boice brings Jesus' words to bear on life today.

The Parables of Jesus - . Jesus' parables are memorable for a reason.

Hard to Believe: The High Cost and Infinite Value of Following Jesus

Thomas Nelson - Jesus christ did not die on the cross so you and I could have a nice day. Ministers and teachers who water down the gospel of Christ in order to make it more popular and appealing may be leading their fun-loving audiences down the road to eternal punishment. This book is john macarthur's unflinching, easy answers, unapologetic treatise on the modern tendency to alter the true message of Christianity in order to meet the whims and desires of a culture hoping for nonconfrontational messages, and superficial commitments.

Faith in him demands a willingness to make any sacrifice He asks. He is the Savior. But jesus Christ isn't a personal genie. The hard truth about christianity is that the cost is high, but the rewards are priceless: abundant and eternal life that comes only from faithfully follwing Christ. Too many people just want a Madison Avenue Jesus to make them well, make them happy, and make them prosperous.

Hard to Believe: The High Cost and Infinite Value of Following Jesus - He died in agony to satisfy the wrath of a holy God and to forgive the sins of humankind.

Apostasy from the Gospel Vintage Puritan

GLH Publishing - This puritan classic from john owen explores the depths of Hebrews 6:4-6 showing from Scripture what causes people to fall away from the gospel and apostatize.

The Gospel According to Paul: Embracing the Good News at the Heart of Paul's Teachings

Thomas Nelson - From bible teacher john macarthur, a revelatory exploration of what the apostle Paul actually taught about the Good News of Jesus. The apostle paul penned a number of very concise, focused passages in his letters to the early church that summarize the gospel message in just a few well-chosen words. Each of these key texts has a unique emphasis highlighting some essential aspect of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The chapters in this revelatory new book closely examine those vital gospel texts, one verse at a time. John macarthur, host of the popular media ministry grace to you, compelling, and above all, tackles such questions as:What is the gospel?What are the essential elements of the message?How can we be certain we have it right?And how should Christians be proclaiming the Good News to the world?As always, the answers John MacArthur gives are clear, easy to grasp, well-reasoned, thoroughly biblical.

The Gospel According to Paul: Embracing the Good News at the Heart of Paul's Teachings - The gospel according to paul is written in a style that is easily accessible to lay people, including those who know very little about the Bible, while being of great value to seasoned pastors and experienced ministers. The gospel according to paul is the third in a series of books on the gospel by John MacArthur including – The Gospel According to Jesus and The Gospel According to the Apostles.

The gospel according to paul is also available in Spanish,  Evangelio según Pablo.